About Us

Bridge-underpinningsTrestle Point may seem like an unusual name for a marketing company.  But, when you need marketing consulting and marketing program implementation support you can’t afford “shaky”.  Just as a trestle is a solid support for crossing wide expanses, Trestle Point Healthcare Marketing is an at-the-ready experienced support team that starts from a defined point of need and works to a defined point of results.

We provide strategic marketing vision together with hands-on marketing ability and excellence in execution to produce exceptional outcomes for each client we serve; delivered better, faster.

We believe, and have integrated into our philosophy and operating principle, marketing is more than words and captivating pictures; it’s a solid discipline that possesses an array of analytic, as well as creative, tools that can be insightfully applied to different business situations and conditions as individual client needs dictate.

Our experience in using these tools becomes your trestle for creating experienced-based, tailored, creative, and cost effective integrated marketing solutions without starting from scratch.

Our portfolio of expertise and experience has served our clients who market products and services in the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and information technology industries.

For more insight into Trestle Point and how we can assist, please take time to review our services offering, case studies and testimonials. As you will see we are good at helping in challenging times.  Contact us to learn even more.